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Purple Car Club

Take the pain out of servicing your car

Monthly budgeting for service and MoT test for members all from 21.99 per month*

Don't forget that coming to us for servicing will not invalidate new car warranties.


Standard annual servicing

Annual MoT test fee

Regular free safety and maintenance checks, advice, investigations, doughnuts.

The same friendly, fair and sometimes amusing service that our customers have come to expect

Legal-eez stuff that we need to put in:

If your car needs repairs in order to pass an MoT or at any other time, the cost of that work will be additional to this plan.

You can cancel at any time but we will then need to work out what we have done for you and how much you have paid. If we owe you money we will refund it in full and if you owe us money we will let you know how much. You will however need to have paid us for a full 6 months before you can have a service under this scheme. There are no 'admin' or cancellation fees because really, what are they for?

Agreement to this Budget Servicing arrangement does not authorise any other Credit Account facility with My Purple Garage

This Budget Servicing Agreement only covers scheduled services plus 1 MoT fee per year.

This agreement excludes any additional work and operations including but not limited to cambelt, tyres, brakes, battery, exhaust etc.

If you would like more information or to join the Purple Car Club please give us a call on

023 8063 8144 or email us at enquiries@mypurplegarage.com

*The majority of cars will be covered for 21.99 per month however due to very expensive parts on a few cars we need to reserve the right to quote a higher price to some applicants