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Servicing at My Purple Garage


Please call us for a service price for your make and model remembering to give us details of the exact model type and engine size/type. Many garages will wait until you arrive and THEN tell you that your car requires very expensive oil. Some cars do indeed require very expensive oil and it is critical to put the right oil in your engine, even if that does cost a bit more, but we would much prefer to inform you of this at the outset. All prices given include VAT.

What IS a Service?

Unfortunately there really is no definition of a service. We have come across garages that offer a “Service” for as little as £49… so obviously we called them! It turns out that all they would do is check your fluid levels and if you’re lucky, top them up. Other garages, having asked for the details of our car, told us that our car was “different” and gave us a much higher price. We were extremely surprised of course. If you are offered a cheap service, we strongly advise you to ask for a written list of what it includes. Put it this way, we know what it costs to do a service properly, and it can’t be done for £49!

New Cars Under Warranty

Did you know that the law now states that you can take your car to any garage for a service without invalidating your warranty? (click on the link below to read the government legislation for yourself) At My Purple Garage we use high quality parts that comply with the manufacturers’ warranty specifications.

Download: The new competition law framework for the automotive aftermarket